Billionaire Account Management Services

$2000 Minimum Deposit

You need a minimum balance of $2000 to have a Billionaires Account management service. We have a very successful history over on our managed account.

50/50 Profit Share

We charge 50% profit share up to $10000 accounts. Then 40% from $10001 to $50000 accounts. And 30% from $50001 to unlimited. Corporate account are also accepted.

Our Linked Broker Only

We are officially certified with our linked brokers. So we don’t accept others. You must choose a broker from our list. Click the link below to sign up with our linked brokers

Weekly Payout

Our traders are all intraday and we close almost all trades before weekend and share our profits within the weekend. Sometimes market remains so good that we can split profits even daily

How to Start

  • Open account with any of our recommended brokers
  • Verify your broker account- (For any complexity,Contact Admin in Telegram)
  • Deposit your fund
  • Give your login details to Telegram Admin (Broker Server,Account Number & Password)

Trading Process

  • All intraday Trades (100% manual)
  • Risk management rules highly followed
  • Small lot used (0.05 max) Bigger lots in sureshot trades
  • 90-100% monthly profit gain
  • 30% maximum drawdown
  • Trade on – Majors,CFDs, Energies,Metals,Exotics & Indexes

What is forex account management?

According to our experience most traders lose money and we can list ten reasons why account can decrease with each trade. The most important among them are:

  • Lack of information
  • Oversupply of analytics
  • Working on your own
  • Psychological barrier

Sometimes it`s difficult even for experienced trader to overcome all these moments and obviously it leads to the losses. In order to avoid such unpleasant moments and not to miss extremely profitable trades, the trading universe offers us such amazing solution as account management, direct and pooled (PAMM) one. So today we will talk about account management and will answer most common questions that may arise. We should say that it seems to be one of the most appealing ways for investors to earn money in financial markets. First, it does not require the skills of independent trading, which means that even beginners or people who are not involved in trading process at all can get good returns. Secondly, in this way, the investor can profit by using the wisdom as well as the abilities and skills of a more professional market participant.